Privacy Policy for

They say all us website owners are supposed to have a privacy policy now. Everyone is really jumping on the bandwagon about it too, especially since Europe's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) went into effect in May of 2018.

So, because I think that our privacy is important, and that businesses should not be built on using and abusing people's personal data, here's my privacy policy as it applies to this website.

Who am I:

I'm Don Rock, individual, human, not a too-big-to-fail, data stealing entity. Oh, and I'm the owner of the website that you're now visiting:

What personal data I collect and why I collect it:


This website does not have comment functionality and therefore comment related privacy concerns are irrelevant.

Contact forms

This website does not have contact form functionality and therefore contact form related privacy concerns are irrelevant.

User Accounts

This website does not allow user account creation and therefore user account related privacy concerns are irrelevant.


Any and all cookies originate from Google, Amazon, or some other third-party and is beyond my control. I do not use cookies to track anyone or anything. It's the big corporate advertisers that I may use that love tracking folks and they are the ones you have to be leery of.

Server Logs

The hosting company that owns the server that this website resides on creates a log of every visitor to this site. Info such a your IP address, browser user-agent, and referer are stored in this log and I may refer to this log for analytical purposes.

Who I share your data with:

No one.

How I protect your data:

Since I do not collect any ones data there is no data to protect.